AMD CPU 的电脑运行 Android Studio 模拟器时报错 Failed to install Intel HAXM

发布时间: 2019-12-13 21:11:46 作者: 大象笔记

在我的新笔记本联想小新 Pro 13 上启动 Android Studio 模拟器报错:

Failed to install Intel HAXM. For details, please check the installation log: "C:\Users\zhong\AppData\Local\Temp\haxm_log8.txt"
HAXM installation failed. To install HAXM follow the instructions found at:
Installer log is located at C:\Users\zhong\AppData\Local\Temp\haxm_log8.txt
Installer log contents:
=== Logging started: 2019-12-13  20:20:32 ===
This computer does not support Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) or it is being exclusively used by Hyper-V. HAXM cannot be installed. 
Please ensure Hyper-V is disabled in Windows Features, or refer to the Intel HAXM documentation for more information.

突然想起来这个笔记本的 CPU 是 AMD 锐龙的 CPU。我开始有点慌,因为买联想小新主要就是看重了 16G 的内存,好方便跑 Android 模拟器,要是真不支持,那就这是欲哭无泪啊。

好在发现 Google 官方是支持 AMD CPU 的,参考



重启系统之后,再次运行 Android Studio 模拟器就可以了。