K.I.S.S 原则

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(./first_tool | ./second_tool) < input_file.txt > output_file.txt

加括号是为了保证 input_file.txt 的内容能够通过 stdin 传递给 first_tool,而不是 second_tool.

Ask: Ah, I see. And do you deal with a lot of tools?

Answer: Arn’t that life? It depends on the operating system. Unix-style systems use a lot of tools to get the work done.

Ask: Creating small tools that work together is almost a philosophy, isn’t it?

Answer: It’s a way of life. Sometimes when you’ve got a big problem to solve, it can be easier to break it down into a set of simpler tasks.

Q: Why is it important that small tools use the Standard Input and Standard Output?

A: Because it makes it easier to connect tools together with pipes.

Q: So if two programs are piped together, does the first program have to finish running before the second program can start?

A: No. Both of the programs will run at the same time; as output is produced by the first program, it can be consumed by the second program.



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