SuiteCRM 基本概念及中英文术语对照表

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客户 Account


Accounts in SuiteCRM will typically hold all information specific to a company that your organisation will have a relationship with.

联系人 Contact

a Contact is an individual who is typically associated with an Account (organisation) or Opportunity (qualified prospect). For example if Techco is the Account, then John Smith, Sales Manager of Techco is the Contact.

与 Contact 联系人相关联的是 Meeting, Case (反馈),Email.


潜在客户 Lead

Lead 不但有领导的意思,还有线索的意思。

In SuiteCRM a Lead is an unqualified contact usually generated from some form of marketing related event, for example it could be a person that has filled out a form on your website or someone that you met at a trade show and you are not sure yet if they have buying authority. Once a Lead is qualified and converted then it can be split into three parts; a Contact once you have established 'Who' it is, an Account when you know 'Where' they work and an Opportunity once it is known 'What' they might buy.




  • 联系人:跟谁联系的
  • 客户:联系人所属的公司
  • 商业机会:客户可能购买什么

商业机会 Opportunity


An Opportunity is a qualified Sales prospect with a likely chance that they will be able to do business with your company. You have established that they have buying power and have entered into the buying cycle. This module allows you to track your Opportunities throughout the Sales Pipeline until the deal is 'Closed Lost or 'Closed Won'.


客户反馈 Case

SuiteCRM Cases are used to record interactions with Customers when they ask for help or advice, for example in a Sales or Support function. A Case can be created, updated when a User is working on it, assigned to a colleague and closed when resolved. At each stage of the Case the User can track and update the incoming and outgoing conversation thread so a clear record of what has occurred is registered in the CRM. Cases can be related to individual records such as Accounts, Contacts and Bugs.

客户反馈可以关联到客户,或者联系人,或者 bug。






学习一下 SuiteCRM 的基础概念,及流程,可以起到规范化的作用。


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